Welcome to DiscoverFileMaker.com!

This site/blog is a simple and quick place for me to gather my thoughts, ideas, and discoveries into one central repository as I learn about FileMaker.

As an in-house developer, I felt like many of the FileMaker developer resources are a bit more advanced than what my immediate questions and needs are, so many of these tips and techniques will likely cater to a more beginner-intermediate FileMaker developer.  My goal is to simply document the important tips and techniques as I learn.  Much of the information gathered here is probably available elsewhere.  I will always try to credit the original author for any tips or ideas (please feel free to contact me if I overlooked a credit).

I encourage anyone to comment or critique any of the info on this site for the edification of the whole community. I don’t claim to be a guru; simply an enthusiastic user and student of this amazing software!  With that in mind, it’s possible that much of the content will be short/quick blurbs or unedited, but if it’s somehow useful to you (as it is to me) then it’s a win-win! 🙂