A journey in learning FileMaker Pro

This site/blog is a simple and quick place for me to gather my thoughts, ideas, and discoveries into one central repository as I continue learning about FileMaker.  Having discovered that I really enjoy working with the FileMaker platform, I guess it might also end up being a “fan” blog, lol!

Pic of Sol RodriguezMy name is Sol Rodriguez.  As an experienced in-house developer, sometimes I feel like many of the FileMaker developer resources in the wild are either a bit more geared toward entry level developers or are on the opposite end of the spectrum and are more advanced than what my needs are.  With that in mind, many of these tips and techniques will likely cater to a more intermediate/practical FileMaker developer as I store them here for my own future retrieval.  My goal is to simply document the important tips and techniques as I learn them.  Much of the information gathered here is probably available elsewhere, and I will always try to credit the original author for any tips or ideas (please feel free to contact me if I overlooked a credit).  The FileMaker community is very helpful and generous, and I am eternally grateful to all those who have come before me and given so freely of their knowledge!

I encourage anyone to comment or critique any of the info on this site for the edification of the whole community. I don’t claim to be a guru (though I have recently become certified!); simply an enthusiastic user and student of this amazing software!  With that in mind, it’s possible that much of the content will be short/quick blurbs or unedited, but if it’s somehow useful to you (as it is to me) then it’s a win-win! 🙂

Music is the other creative love of my life (as it seems many other FileMaker developers share), and I am proud of my current band: Slow Sunrise.  You can enjoy some of our music for free on YouTube here.  Thanks for visiting!

Legal disclaimer: I am not an expert, so please use any info gathered here “on your own”.  I am not responsible if you lose all your data or your server burns down! 😉


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