Workaround for FMS URL Rewrite Causing Hosted .JS Files to be Missing

  • Who: Anyone who created a web app and wants to place the web app resources files (.js, .css, assets/, etc.) in the FMS conf folder to host on the FM server.
  • What: Workaround for FMS URL Rewrite causing hosted web files like .js and .css to be missing from all other web sites hosted on the server.
  • With: FileMaker Server 19.4+
  • Why: Recent FileMaker Server versions add an aggressive URL Rewrite to the web server which redirects common web app resource files to the localhost address:  This causes all other web apps on the server to redirect these resources as well, making these files unavailable to the other sites fully breaking all other sites using these kinds of files.

When Tab to Next Field Doesn’t Work

  • Who: All Users
  • What: How to fix the problem where tabbing does not go to the next field.
  • With: FileMaker 11+ (not sure how far back it goes)
  • Why: Sometimes when you use the Tab button to navigate, instead of going to the next field it just creates a Tab spacing as if you pressed Ctrl+Tab.

FileMaker Server Error 724

  • Who: Anyone experiencing Server Error 724
  • What: How to Fix FileMaker Server Error 724 Admin Server process is not responding
  • With: FileMaker Server
  • Why: To get the Admin Server process to reconnect to the FileMaker Server process