• Who: Beginner-Intermediate
  • What: Use 2 Different Comment Colors in Scripts
  • With: FileMaker 14 +
  • Why: Organize your script steps with color coding

Now that the Script Workspace color codes special items, it’s great to have our comments stand out in green text!  I personally LOVE this feature, but I started realizing that sometimes I had so much green text in between script steps that it was getting a bit confusing at quick glance.  Well, then it hit me that if I disable that comment, it turns light gray!

Since ultimately, a grayed out comment and a green comment “do” exactly the same thing, why not use 2 colors to better organize my comments!

I know…some will argue that grayed out means “disabled” and that is fundamentally different than a comment, but since it still has the “#” symbol in front, I can see that it is, in fact, just a comment.  Any “disabled” script steps that need attention as being disabled don’t have the “#”.  Plus, you can use another convention like putting a blank line above and below “disabled” steps to make them stand out.  For me, the “gray comments” that aren’t surrounded above and below by blank lines are little side notes to give extra insight into what the individual steps do. Hope that helps!

2 Comment Colors