• Who: Begginers
  • What: The Advantage of the Zero Found Set
  • With: All Versions
  • Why: Stop wasting time and performance resources “showing all records” unless you really need to show all records

Confession: when I first started using FileMaker, I found myself using the Show All Records script step quite often…but I had no special reason for it; it just made me “feel better”.  Show All Records is necessary when you actually need to show all records, but it turns out that there is nothing wrong with not “showing all records”.  In fact, there can actually be an advantage to it!

Hat tip to Matt Petrowsky for this little performance hack.  He mentions in his video on “Scripting Find Mode” that with a loaded found set, FileMaker will have to load a number of fields onto the screen, and even load some before and after the current record in order to enable smooth scrolling (in List View).  If you have a zero found set: Found 0/100 , you don’t actually have to fetch that data from the server and load it to the screen.  It seems like there would be an advantage to not loading calculation fields too.

In any case, the main point is that you don’t have to always Show All Records unless you really have to show all records.  Otherwise, you can allow the user to navigate the database with whatever found set at the time.