• Who: Anyone who has multiple files hosted on FileMaker Server
  • What: How to change the icon of your FileMaker solutions in the FileMaker Server Launch Center
  • With: FileMaker 14+
  • Why: When your list of solutions in the Launch Center (Open Remote…) grows, it can be difficult to differentiate between them quickly.


If you’re like me and your list of FileMaker databases in the FileMaker Server Launch Center is growing, it can be cumbersome to find the one you are looking for. Fortunately, since FileMaker 14 we can add an icon to our FileMaker solution which shows in the Launch Center. This allows you to quickly and easily differentiate the files visually!

…and the best part? It’s so easy, there’s no reason NOT to do it!

  • In your FileMaker database, open the File Options window by going to: File->File Options.
  • In the File Options window, click on the “Icon” tab.
  • You can either choose from one of the many pre-existing icons, or choose a custom image for your icon (it can be either a .png or a .jpg file).
  • If you use a custom image, for best results on multiple display types FileMaker recommends using an image that is 288 x 288 pixels.
  • You must have Full Access to the solution in order to change the icon.
  • You might not see the icon in the Launch Center until you have fully opened the file at least once after you changed the icon.  Close the file and it should register in the launch center after that.