• Who: Anyone experiencing Server Error 724
  • What: How to Fix FileMaker Server Error 724 Admin Server process is not responding
  • With: FileMaker Server
  • Why: To get the Admin Server process to reconnect to the FileMaker Server process


I woke up to an inbox full of messages from our FileMaker server saying FMServer “Error 724 Admin Server process not responding”.  Going into the admin console I saw the same errors, but users seemed to be connected and working away without any issues.  It was very unclear what the actual problem was.

After taking a step back, I realized that the “admin server process” has more to do with the admin console than the actual fmserver process which is what (I think) does the actual heavy lifting of serving up the databases.  I also seemed to recall seeing a similar kind of error once a long time again when doing a different FileMaker Server install.  That other issue turned out to fix itself after I configured the local OS firewall to allow for the ports that FileMaker Server needed open.  I checked the firewall and everything was ok.  Then I noticed that someone had installed a new anti-virus/firewall onto the system.  I completely uninstalled this av/firewall software, and immediately I saw in the admin console activity log that the admin server process was “starting” and everything was back to normal.  Of course, now I need to decide what to do about the local anti-virus situation, but at least we figured out the issue!

If you are receiving this error, check your firewall(s)! 🙂