• Who: All Users working in List View
  • What: How to Change the Color of the List View Active Record Background
  • With: FileMaker Server 13+
  • Why: It’s not completely obvious or intuitive where to find this control



When customizing your List View layout, the active record gets a different color to differentiate it from the other records, but often the default color is not what you are looking for. The problem is that it is not intuitive or obvious how to change this layout item.


I found the answer in the FileMaker knowledge base. Here are the instructions (with some additions/wording edits from me):

  1. In layout mode Select the “Body” part on your layout
  2. Open the Inspector, select the Appearance tab
  3. Click the popup menu labeled “Primary” by default (it is below the popup menu labeled “Body”) and select “Active”
  4. Change the fill color to your desired color.

That’s it, hope that helps!