• Who: All Users
  • What: How to fix the problem where tabbing does not go to the next field.
  • With: FileMaker 11+ (not sure how far back it goes)
  • Why: Sometimes when you use the Tab button to navigate, instead of going to the next field it just creates a Tab spacing as if you pressed Ctrl+Tab.



I recently came across an issue after updating an old FileMaker 11 file to FileMaker 16 where pressing the Tab button would not navigate to the next field, but instead would simply create a space/tab within the current active field (as if you pressed Ctrl+tab).  I tried to fix it by updating the Tab order and “fixing” the Tab setup several times in Layout Mode, but I kept experiencing the same result!
After some research (thanks to Dwayne Right at thepracticalba.com), I finally figured out that there is a setting in the Inspector that defines whether a field will “Go to Next Object Using: Tab”!



While in Layout Mode, the simple fix is to check the box to” “Go to next object using: Tab”:
FileMaker tab fix

Happy FileMaking!